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  • How much are extensions with styling services?
    The price is based on desired extension service and is calculated during consultation.
  • Does the consultation fee go toward the final cost?
    The consultation fee is separate from the final cost of extension services.
  • Does the service fee include hair?
    Hair is provided at an additional cost to the extension service.
  • Do I need a relaxer to get extensions?
    Majority of our clients are relaxer free and are able to wear the extensions with their hair in its natural state.
  • Can I get extensions if my hair is relaxed?
    We do not recommend installing extensions on freshly relaxed hair. However, once it has grown out between 3-4 weeks, we will be happy to schedule a consultation for you.
  • How should I care for my new extensions?
    Avoid shampoos with sulfates, alcohol, or pH balance higher than 7. Use heat protectant when using heating tools on the hair. Too many styling products may cause build up. In this case, co-wash at least twice a week if you’re planning to wear extensions curly or in natural state. Never go to bed with wet hair before detangling and sectioning hair into braids. Doing so can cause tangling and matting! Treat Meshella Rose Hair Extensions as if it is your own natural hair; with proper care!
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